This is my apartment!

This is my apartment!

I like it when things look pretty!

My name is Sarah and I'm a lazy feminist, a total coward, I went to the Emmys once, and I have a lot more freckles than you do. 

I am also a stylist, consultant, designer, vignette-maker, purger-of-things, space cheerleader, and room whisperer. 

If you want to talk to me about making your space beautiful, functional, and happy check out my portfolio and email me at               sarah  @

Also, I don't publish comments on this blog but I do love to have a conversation with readers over here.

If you're new here these posts are a good place to start:

I am a designer.

Do you like what I do? Do you need help in your space? Do you live in the Bay Area? Let's chat soon! Email me at sarah at

I have a kid.

Zane is very tall, extremely handsome, and lives 3,000 miles away from me. I was 18 when I had him and am now adjusting to being an empty-nester in my late 30's. It's totally weird.

I love Oakland.

I  moved here from Massachusetts in 2012 so that I could go to grad school and my husband Matthew could stop commuting cross-country.

We own an A-Frame.

My grandparents built a kit A-Frame in 1963 and in 2011 we took over it's care and restoration. It's amazeballs.