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When I commissioned Stevie's painting I had thought it would hang in our bungalow, where we live all of the time. But when I picked it up I immediately felt that it belonged in the A-Frame for several reasons, the major one being:

My grandmother moved a ton of her stuff out when we signed the purchase agreement, leaving very little in the way of family things. Some cool tea cups, the National Geographic collection, my aunt's typewriter. Amidst the pile was a painting of a harbor in Barbados, and it oozed 60's cool.

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I have a photo of where the painting originally hung, so I rehung it there (its outline is bleached into the wood by the sun, how awesome is that?).

pop and painting.jpg
barbados painting now.jpg

I thought Stevie's painting would compliment the older painting of my grandparents, being contemporary and ours. Also, the wall was a perfect size, the blankets were the perfect color, and the room in general would let his painting be the star. And it is.

Here is a slideshow of the evolution of the bedroom:

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