So, we took out the kitchen on a whim.  We promised ourselves that we wouldn't settle for something just because it was there (within reason - we're not moving the stove or moving sky lights), and to be honest, the kitchen had seen better days.  Much better days.  I have decided that I am committed to keeping the sink and finding a better spot for the eventual refrigerator, and have thus created a little headache for myself. 

On one hand, moving this kitchen around is a breeze; no plumbing! But on the other, we have to design around a gravity fed water tank, the slanted walls, the fireplace, and the ladder that will go up to the loft. So I spent a lot of time last weekend playing with blue tape and random pieces of furniture trying to feel out what would work. I'm not sold on any of my solutions, but since we have no money left, I really don't have to think about it until next spring anyway.

Of much more concern is the floor. I had a vision of a shiny deep deep blue and have been running with that. I can see it with a huge flokati rug popping out of it, the wood of the furniture looking gorgeous, and any accent color I do in my decorating will look gorgeous, but there's something about deciding to paint a floor that's freaking me out. What if I'm wrong? I found a photo of a ceiling that is similar to the floor in my mind on Pinterest (I have rotated the image- ignore the furniture on the ceiling!):


Matthew, my sweet sweet absent A-Frame partner, walked me through our floor choices and had me make a case for all of them and by the end of it he said it was clear that we need to paint the floor blue. Anything else would be safe and out of fear, and the A-Frame is not about being safe or keeping things the way they are out of fear. Gosh, I love him so.  So I guess we are going to paint the floor blue, unless any of you tell me right now that it's a terrible idea.

We'll leave the floor in the dining room and bedroom wood.  They're in much better shape and pretty pretty.

Here is a slideshow of kitchen layout taping and floor paint samples:

AuthorSarah Reid