When we looked at the bungalow we were impressed with the size and layout of the kitchen.  For a house that's only 1100 square feet, the kitchen felt generous and charming.  However, we were not impressed by the floor choice, the counter choice, the wall color, or the dishwasher placement. Who would be? Why do people make these choices? I will never get it.

After two years of living with everything but the wall color we had saved enough to hire my friend Jody Slade to renovate/make it over. We knew we wanted more light, better flooring and to move the dishwasher. He moved the stove and cut out some of the hideous flooring to see what was beneath and lo and behold, buried beneath four layers of bad linoleum choices, original oak flooring with nary a staple or nail scar. What the?

short from mud.jpg
after short from mud.jpg

Then he punched a hole into the dining room above the stove, moved the dishwasher, creating more of a sitting island, and created what has proven to be everyone's favorite feature: that lazy susan in the corner. Awesome, huh? Matthew gets the credit for suggesting we save it, something he will never let me forget. I matched the legs of the island to the lazy susan and had Jody move an old jelly cabinet up from the basement to fill that awkward space above the island.

from z room.jpg
after from z room.jpg

I found all these old milk glass spice jars on ebay (my one and only foray into that world) and the rack is a metal industrial thing I found at my old office and painted.  I had Jody build little shelves at the height of the lazy susan shelves and painted the brackets black so that it all looks like it belongs together. 

spice jars.jpg
lazy susan.jpg

For the first year after this ren-over I would swoon every time I entered this room.  Now it's just every third time. 

AuthorSarah Reid