When I first spotted you at the hospice shop I felt as if all of the air had been taken out of my body and that the room became an ever-constricting tunnel, leading me to you, and that no one else existed in the whole world. And then all of a sudden I became explosively aware that other people did in fact exist in the world, and not just in the world, but in this shop, and that they might see you, and that they might get to you before I did, and that I might lose you forever.


As I ran to you I tried to recover my breath and my heart raced faster and faster as I got closer and closer to you, and when finally I reached you, and no one else had, in fact no one else had even noticed you, and I lay my hands on you and embraced you in a bear hug in order to secure the most grip I possibly could on you and to show the rest of the existing people that you were mine now, I didn't feel a sense of relief. I felt anguish at your beauty, anguish at your precarious placement in this shop, anguish at all the possible futures you had had until I saw you.I giggled nervously and looked around wildly, anticipating the hoards of zombie-like shoppers, magnetically compelled in your direction by your beauty, and found none. Confounded, I looked down at you as if to make sure that you really did exist, that you were not some dream-basket I had manifested in some impossible state, and I found that you were real. So really real.


And then I remembered that I was in a shop, and that I would have to pay for you, and that I don't have much money right now, and that I might have to give you up, because surely you would be priced at at least $49, and that is just too much for me to pay for a basket right now. I slowly and gently turned you over and looked for your sticker, awaiting my fate, preparing for the inevitable heartbreak that comes when I have foolishly loved and had to lose, and there it was.$4.50.I blinked. Of course this is wrong, there is no way that a basket of this beauty could cost $4.50. It must say $40.50, or even $450. I would believe that, this shop could ask that of me, I would pay that in my heart. $4.50. Oh the joy! The rapture! The unbelievable sense of disbelief! 

Incredulous, I purchased you for $4.50. I carefully loaded you into my car, brought you up my stairs, into my house, and found a place for you in my bedroom, where I would have you close to me in my dreams. Not a dream-basket, but a Dream Basket, mine, all mine.

AuthorSarah Reid