Why are you moving to San Francisco?

1. Matthew has worked for almost 3 years for a company based there (that's him in the video - cute, right?). He spends two weeks at home and two weeks there. Back and forth, back and forth. It got old.

2. In the summer of 2011 I had one of those cliched AH-HAH moments that felt too important to ignore in which the clouds parted and lightbulbs went off and tons of bricks fell and I realized that I WANT TO BE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER.

So, Matthew's company made it pretty easy to chose moving to SF (logistically and financially and for which we are super grateful), and I found an MFA program in Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art that I really like and proceeded to get into the program.

Where will you live?

We will live in Adam's Point, Lake Merritt, Oakland. After a GRUELING apartment search we found a gorgeous deco apartment in a pink stucco house. Matthew has seen it. I haven't. Crazy. If you want to follow our move you can do that here.

When do you leave?

Great question. We have to sell our house, I have to finish my work (May 30), we have to move all of our stuff and figure out all the details and logistics involved with moving a family across the country. So, the short answer is: by the end of August.

What about Simba?

We can't bring our beloved cat. We just found this out and are fucking heartbroken. We do not know what we are going to do.

Is Zane going with you?

Zane, our 18-year-old, is coming with us. His plans are up in the air, but he will be coming with us in August.

Are you selling your house?


What about the A-Frame?

As our dear friend Anja said, now we have a real Vacation Home! Part of why we bought it last spring was we anticipated a move in our future, though we didn't know it would come so soon. If we didn't have it I'd feel really differently about the prospect of leaving New England. I plan on being there in the summers as much as possible, including this one.

Are you ever moving back?

I sure hope so. I am the only child of two awesome parents, two awesome step-parents, and a valued member of a tight and awesome community here in western Massachusetts. I value my community so highly that most of me thinks I'm crazy for moving on a daily basis. I am also a New Englander through and through and as much as I look forward to fresh citrus and the growing season and the sunshine and the no snow, it's hard to imagine staying there forever. Essentially, I'm trying to be open to whatever comes our way, just like I was when San Francisco came calling.

How are you feeling?

Really, really, really torn. Very emotional. Like a crazy person. Overwhelmed. Excited. I cry a lot. I stay up at night thinking about the pink house. I look at maps of all the restaurants and cocktails I will have access to. Relieved. Stressed. You know.

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