Our dear sweetheart of an indoor cat needs a new home because we are moving and can't take him with us. We are beyond sad about this reality, but we are confident that whoever takes him home will have as much love for him and get as much joy and cuddles as we did.


He's very photogenic.

He is the best cat that ever lived, everyone agrees.

Although he is 16 he is in AWESOME shape. He runs, jumps, and plays, but mostly he sleeps. He loves people fiercely. He's a big 14 pounder. He's got a loud purr - it's great. He loves your lap. He has no bathroom problems. He's picky about his food brand.


He likes windows.

He probably can't live with other animals, or he never has, and we don't want to stress him out unduly. He can live with kids, but they need to be taught about not surprising his belly. He's very tolerant but has swiped at belly scratchers a couple times. He won't go after your upholstery if you keep a simple cardboard scratching pad out.


He is a seat stealer!

Here's the thing, the big thing: we'll pay for his needs until he is called to Cat Heaven, where he will be King. Food, litter, vet bills (he only needs one check up a year for now), and anything else he needs are covered.


This is his favorite sleeping pose.

So if you love cats, like deeply love cats, and you're in a stable living situation and will be for the next couple years, and think you might want to adopt Simba, and you don't have another cat or dog, maybe you could get in touch?

Matthew is at (413) 475-2781. Sarah would just cry if you called her. Or email Matthew at becoming.intense AT gmail.com.

We would be willing to drive him a couple hours for the right home (we're in Western Mass.) and he comes with a carrying crate, a brush, nail clippers, a covered litter pan, and a cardboard scratching pad.


He's really worth it.

AuthorSarah Reid
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