Monday was a holiday here in Massachusets so I took the day to go up to the A-Frame and do some work. Even though it was a super mild winter we haven't been up in five months, so I was really excited to open it up and get working again. Because we're moving I took a car load of stuff that we don't want to move with us, mostly books, and focused mainly on the little sleeping loft.

The loft was the original bedroom when the A-Frame was only an A-Frame (no addition on the front). It's ten by ten, but with the ceiling/walls being what they are there's only about a three by ten walkable space. Since we have a bedroom it's hard to know what to do with the loft. It's not really appropriate for guests, and it'll get hot in the months we'll be up there. So for now this is what's happening:


I know that for some of you, maybe for a lot of you, painting wood, any wood, is akin to High Crimes Punishable By Death By Hanging and Dismemberment. Fuck off. This place needed light. Once the walls were white I wanted to do an intense color on the floor since the rest of the A-Frame will be mostly white and neutral. I tend to do intense colors only in small spaces, so the loft was a great candidate for me to try out my right-now favorite color.


I know, I know. It's so pretty all natural and raw like that. Get over it. Someday my grandchildren will hear all about how many coats it took to get this place white.


Holy shit that primer is bright. Good god, that's better.

loft just painted6.jpg

Love. Moving in is the best part.

So it's a library. A place to pretend you're writing the next Great American Novel. A place to hide, to perch, to nest, to read, to drink whiskey without rocks.


Hello enormous gravity-fed water tank. This is all temporary, but yes, there will be a bar in the loft.

loft glowing2.jpg

Love love. She glows.

loft books4.jpg
loft lights6.jpg
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