This handsome fella:


is going to live with these handsome folks:



This is the best news I have ever gotten. My heart is so relieved I can't put it into words.

When it became clear that we would have to find a new home for Simba I immediately thought of our old and dear friends Hannah and Chris and their daughter Celeste. We've known them for close to ten years, they know and love Simba, they have no pets (other than the small rodent kind in cages), and are people I would trust completely with the LoveCat of my life.

But Chris is allergic to cats. When I heard that news I let go of thinking of them as an option immediately. I would never ask someone to endure being sick in their own home, obviously.

I wrote this post which was shared by tons of people on Facebook. It was seen by over 500 people (which is 430 more people than I usually get to read my posts). I recieved plenty of "We love SImba so much and would absolutely take him if we didn't have a cat/dog/2 cats and 3 dogs, etc," messages. Then I got 3 wonderfully generous offers from people who have pets but would be willing to do a trial run to see if there was any way Simba could blend into their families. We were all set to try it out when Hannah wrote me and said that they'd be willing to do a trial run to see what kind of reactions Chris had.

Simba had a wonderful week with them. I visited once and he hardly noticed me. Celeste fell in love in that charming 9-year-old girl-loves-an-animal way, and Hannah and Chris were equally captured by his unavoidable magnetism. Chris called him a "Superior Animal" and I had to agree.

celeste and simba.jpg

Here is Celeste trying to get Simba to do her homework.

They went away for a vacation week and to mull it over without being directly in the grasps of Simba's charms. Celeste asked every day, "So can we keep Simba?" and a couple days into the vacation the answer from Chris was, "Yes."

Celeste left me the most lovely message on my voicemail which I have replayed 5 times now and will keep forever. I burst into tears and didn't call back for fear of seeming like the biggest freak on earth.

Instead of feeling guilty and unsure about where he'll end up, I truly feel that I am getting to share the incredible happiness that Simba can bring to a person's life with dear friends who totally deserve him. 

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