About 8 years ago when my relationship with Matthew was still young, we happened upon a tag sale that looked promising. Never one to pass up a promising tag sale I whimpered until he turned around, which didn't take long. As I said, our relationship was very young. At this tag sale I found a hoosier cabinet for $60. It was in pretty rough shape and I had no where to put it much less had a use for it. Matthew nicely encouraged me to buy it seeing how happy it made me and I did.

7 years later it was still living in the basement, collecting basement smells and all manner of random basement type dwellers: archives, paints, books, baby shoes, etc. I was ready to give it away when we bought the family A-Frame and since I am not one to give anything away unless I have tried my very hardest to figure out what to do with it, I figured I'd bring it up and see if it would work there.

A year passed by and it was still on the back porch, collecting mice. Just as I was about to throw it in the burn pile I thought, "Well, I'll see if my grandparents sink fits in the bottom part of it since we have no money left and I'd like to have a sink this summer." Can you guess what happened? You are very smart. It fit like a glove. Like a perfect lady glove on a perfect lady hand.


So then I thought, "Let's see if the top half can be put anywhere useful." Do you know what happened? Holy shit you are so smart.


I set about cleaning and painting it with whatever leftover paints I had from previous projects and:


Cheery, huh? I had originally thought I'd just go all white but that's the great thing about not having any money sometimes; awesome things come together, and cheap. I found the rag rugs at the local Goodwill for $4 a piece and I knew they'd be perfect. I think I'll sew them together. Now every time I see this kitchen I get all cozy-happy inside and I want to make people pink lemonade and bake them cupcakes.

AuthorSarah Reid