Our apartment in Oakland gets amazing light, something we've not had in years. Having been starved for it like we have, I knew I wanted to keep the bedroom light, airy, white, and simple, so I did.

We need a bed frame. We need a rug probably. But then I'm going to stop. And I'm going to rest. And I'm going to enjoy the sunlight.


One of my favorite things about moving, and there haven't been many, has been discovering just how many of the things we chose to bring with us (a carload and 15 boxes) were gifts from dear friends.

The emroidered cloth was from Neil & Faf for my birthday one year. The Dream Jar next to my bed was from Léa on the occasion of my nightmares. The books on the subjects of baseball and homes were from my mom and stepfather. Also, I get all squirmy about those bedside tables when I remember that they were beat up and black and TV trays in a Salvation Army for $2.99 each.


We are on a serious budget having bled money for the last 6 months trying to get out to Oakland, so Ikea is a necessity. The trick to shopping Ikea is making sure you don't have more than 2 pieces in any one room. If you do, it looks like you live in an Ikea showroom. Which maybe you want to. That's fine. I don't. The bureau is something I would love in any store and the fact that it's made out of real wood (not particle board) makes it even more loveable. The mirror is shockingly simple, spare, and solid, and for $50 can't be beat.


That little fridge lived in the dollhouse my father built me when I was little. As an adult I used it as a communication system with my own son, tapping on the floor with it (his ceiling) as he fell asleep (twice for "I love you", three times for "I'm thinking about you", and four times for "I'm really going to bed now." The drawing is a gorgeous pencil thing my friend Jamie gave me years ago after I saw it in a coffee shop and fell in love with it. I still love it terribly. The fern I got recently when my friend Melanie was visiting from Massachusetts, so I think of her when I look at it, and that makes me happy.


The wood box I've had for forever and in it is every single ticket stub for every single musical, theatrical, and sports show I've ever been to in my entire life. Every single one. The Local cigar box is just pretty and highlights the green of the pretty fern to its left. The brass lamp is the cutest little lamp I've ever found, made especially awesome by its $5 price tag. The photo is of me, eating a rose when I was a baby. Stop and eat the roses is what I always say, don't you? I love the color quality of the photo, and the pop of the red.


I have two of these and when I find the right shades for them they are going to tie the whole room together. Trust me.

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