You've seen this light probably a thousand times. It's the worst light known to man. It costs $2 at any hardware store in the country and that's why landlords love it. 



Luckily, all the other lighting on our apartment has been here since the 60's or earlier. It's just this one dang overhead in our otherwise gorgeous dining room that is a wicked bummer. Another bummer is our overzealous landlord. She's great at getting things done, but hyper aware and sensitive to the state of our apartment, which means I was afraid of asking her if I could change it out. If she said no and I did it anyway she'd be pissed. If she said no and I didn't do it anyway I'd be disproportionately sad and mopey and possibly suicidal.

Here is the first photo we ever took of our dining room. It was very late and we had just had an EPIC lease signing session that took over 2 hours and almost had me in tears. Our landlady, she is very thorough.

first photo.jpg

I mean, look at that room, right? How do you put a shiny fake brass boob on its ceiling? Even though the light's ubiquity, banality, and insipid boringness was highly offensive to me, finding a replacement was not a priority due to my landlady's almost supernatural level of observation.

But then I went to the Alameda Antiques Fair, which is huge and wide and huge, and I found this guy.


He was filthy. He was $40. He was mine. 

Let me back up: Our dining room looked like this briefly.

dining set.jpg

I found that dining set at an awesome thrift store on Telegraph Ave. for $320, delivered. It felt like an act of faith buying it; a little prayer for new friends that might join us for dinner one day. But God and I don't have the best relationship, so the chairs stayed empty and we sat in there maybe 3 times in 4 months. I quickly gave up on the idea of dinner parties and turned my attention to needing office space in which to be a grad student with a drafting table.

So the dining room became my office, and I found this light, and because I have clients I know an electrician (guys, he's a hipster electrician complete with a moustache, hat, and cuffed jeans), and he came and installed the light for me, and I didn't ask my landlady, and please don't tell her, and I love it.

office after.jpg
light reflections.jpg

And, don't worry about us, we are making friends. We just make them eat on the floor in the living room. It's fine, really.

AuthorSarah Reid