In California you shouldn't hang anything big or heavy above your bed for obvious reasons. Also, if you have a partner who suffers from hypnogogic hallucinations you shouldn't have anything big or heavy hanging above your bed anyway (I'd advise you to not have a partner who suffers from hypnogogic hallucinations if you can help that too).

Lots of people resort to tall headboards to fill the space above their beds, which is fine, if you like headboards. I don't. So what to do?

My friend Meredith and I went to the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair this winter and were both overwhelmed by the amount of vendors and customers, delighted by the color-blocked geometric jewelry, and down right in love with these jams and jellies. Much like every large craft fair/flea market experience I've ever had, I was too overwhelmed to actually buy anything, until I saw this guy hanging on his vendor's wall. I knew I had to have him at once, and we know what happens to me when I know I have to have something

I took him home, decided that I don't care if you think it's twee or hipster or overtly romantic (because you are wrong) and hung him above our bed. He weighs about 2 grams, Matthew can't see him in his hallucinations, and no, he won't impale us when the big one comes. 


AuthorSarah Reid