I haven't shared much about my grad program here, have I? Well, I'm in grad school. I'm in the Interior Architecture and Design MFA program at the Academy of Art University. I know, academy and university is redundant and there are WAY too many vowels in their name.

Last semester I took a Sketching in Perspective class and learned how to do this:


I designed this room. It's in an Eichler house and I love it.

I hadn't really drawn anything since I was in grade school. When I scan my memory for any instances of drawing I find very few, and they are mostly coloring, not drawing. Reading? Tons. Fort-making? For sure. Daydreaming about being the first woman on Mars? Yup. But no drawing. So to be able to produce the room above after 16 weeks felt pretty awesome.

Anyway, this semester I'm taking Sketching for Design, which builds on Sketching in Perspective. In it we add color, shade, shadow, and reflections to our drawing to render a semi-realistic representation of a room. We've used pastels, colored pencils and markers so far, and boy do I feel like a really sophisticated 8-year-old. I spend hours and hours drawing, you guys. Pretty neat-o if you ask me.

So here is my midterm. I'm pretty proud of it considering where I was a few months ago, and because I got an A- on it. It's nearly impossible to get an A in any class at my school, so this is essentially my best work. The assignment was to draw a dream room in 2-point perspective, do color studies, and render the room in color with shade, shadow, and reflection. When I asked myself, "What's your dream room?" my 14-year-old self answered, "A treehouse, obviously." I never ignore my 14-year-old self (except when she's telling me to peg my jeans) and went for it. 

I have explanations for every item and every color (you have to justify everything you design!), but I won't bore you with the details. Here is my 14-year-old self's dream treehouse:


My 37-year-old self would totally hang out in here.

AuthorSarah Reid