Remember when I wondered if my dad is a superhero? Well, he is. I know it for sure now.

I went up to NH briefly two weeks ago to visit him and my step-mom and to just check in on the A-Frame. Over the spring he had put a new roof on the porch, re-sided the front of the addition section, and stretched new screen into the front porch frames, so I wanted to see all that and get a sense of what kind of work I'm looking at this summer.

Front facade.jpg

New siding!

We had already decided to tackle the kitchen as the major project for the year, so my dad and I discussed the options (Ikea, furniture, cobble something together) and left it at that.

You know what's coming right?


I mean, WHA?!

He built everything I said I wanted (super simple frame, clad in pine that I will paint white, open front that I will hang curtains from, counter over-hang for stool sitting) and he just knew that I would love the live edge cherry counter tops (he just happened to have that wood laying around).

You can imagine how much squealing I did.

So now I'm off to Maine for the holiday and to visit our friends of the pink blanket fame and then we go to the A-Frame for a full week of work and book-reading and puzzle-doing and deer-fly avoiding and pond swimming and birthday partying and writing and painting and soaking up the quiet. 

Happy 4th everyone!

AuthorSarah Reid