1. Watch Emily Henderson's How To Build A Focal Wall.

2. Go through your art and find the color palette you want.

3. Measure your wall and make a practice space on the floor.

4. Enlist a friend to help, preferably in their PJs (so cute!). Do not attempt to do this alone!

5. Voila!

1 Empty Wall.jpg
Practice floor.jpg
2 Gallery.jpg
3 Gallery.jpg
4 Gallery.jpg
5 Gallery.jpg
6 Finished Gallery.jpg

Some notes:

Yeah, some things are being held up with washi tape. I've got to find irregular sized frames for them and this'll do for now.

I liked the wall at almost every stage, so if you do a gallery wall, look at it after every piece and let yourself love something minimalist or small. I kept going because I am very comfortable with spackle and having practiced on the floor I knew I would like the wall full.

Next post will be about the whole dining room!

AuthorSarah Reid