Remember when Zane turned 18? That was a relief. Remember when he turned 19? That was hard. Today he turns 20. It's pretty great. 

 Me, close to 20 years old.

Me, close to 20 years old.

The exciting thing about Zane turning 20 is that he is entering into the decade of figuring out who you're not in order to become who you are, the decade of trial and error, of growing pains and growing rewards, of becoming a substantial person in the world who other people will actually listen to. You guys, he's not a teenager anymore. Gulp.

He's like, a man. A very tall, handsome, kind, friendly, thoughtful, smart, employed, tax-paying, car-driving, apartment-renting, checkbook-owning, girlfriend-having, vote-casting, cooking-his-own-food man. When your baby is a baby you call them your baby, but you don't ever call your grown male child your man (that would sound creepy and weird and I don't suggest you do it), and maybe that's because he's not your man; he's figuring out how to be his own man, and not your baby. Double gulp.

So, today I'm missing my baby but super proud to know this man is out there, finding his way, soaking it all up, and giving it back. Happy Birthday Zane, you are the best!


AuthorSarah Reid