Dear Universe, Baby Jesus, and Jessica,

Thank you all for my new client Christy; she is a gift from the design heavens and to all who endeavor to defeat the Tyranny of the Original Trim.

Berkeley is packed with craftsman style homes - like, there are so many it feels like an infestation sometimes. Too much of a good thing is too much, like with drinking and puppies and make-up. Calm down, Berkeley! We get it! They are lovely and certainly well-crafted, yes, but holy mother of god they are dark! And for some reason we've decided as a culture to shame craftsman owners into keeping their original trim rather than do what the hell they want with their house that they own and paid a lot of money for. I say fuck that. Do what you want. Love your home, live in your home, and lighten the fuck up, literally and figuratively. 

See how much I just swore in that paragraph? See how emphatic and dogmatic I was? That's how Original Trimmers are too. I highly recommend reading the comments section of posts about painting original trim - I can't think of anything more controversial in interior design. Can you?

Knowing how I feel on the subject, you can imagine how I felt when Jessica introduced me to Christy, who had already decided to paint the trim of her gorgeous home. Hallelujah! I didn't have to become a trim therapist, assuaging anxiety, debating property value versus quality of life, and trying to implant visions of light and better moods into her brain - she was already there. She never wavered. She is a warrior.

We're doing an entirely new living room, den, and dining room. Everything is going. In fact, most of it is already gone. I am ridiculously excited about this job. 

A note about these pictures: I didn't do anything different with exposure or editing. These are just my camera taking the same pic in the same spot, pre and post paint. It seriously was that dark in the middle of the day, no joke.



 Don't worry, that furniture is leaving.

Don't worry, that furniture is leaving.

AuthorSarah Reid