As you know, I have a client named Christy who is awesome. We're working on her first floor: entry, living room, dining room, and den. A few weeks ago she emptied the house and had it painted and now it's mostly empty, waiting to be filled with deliciousness from all kinds of sources. 

She's having a table made for the dining room (which I haven't seen), we'll pick some chairs, style the built-ins, install unobtrusive window treatments, and add some more lighting and a plant or two. It's going to be stunning and makes my heart race when I think of it all done and perfect. 

Some notes:

See that turquoise dishware? She's a girl after my own heart. When I saw that collection I knew we could work together.

That desk! That desk disappears in the before pictures! You'd never know it was there, much less how adorable it is. I'm not sure she wants to keep it but I'm going to do my best to convince her. I love how it pops out of the white wall.

That ceiling! Look at that ceiling! I'm so glad she decided not to paint the coffers.

AuthorSarah Reid