Whoa Nelly! This past year has been bonkers. We went to the A-Frame for the summer, had a wedding, my business took off when I got back, and now my husband is filming a television show in LA all summer. WHA?!

One of the more important developments in my life was forming an Accountability Club with 2 of my dearest self-employed friends in which we tell each other all the stuff we should do for our businesses that we can't seem to tell ourselves, like make a f***ing business card already. Getting out of my own head (and the sticky web of doubt and loathing in there) has forced me to work and advocate on my own behalf more in the last 3 months then in the last 3 years. 

So in that spirit, here is my renovated website. And a blog post.  And a new section devoted to my home with pictures taken by the wonderful Esteban Cortez. LET'S DO THIS.

Big thanks to StoryHouse Creative and Wallis Williams Design for making the site so awesome!



AuthorSarah Reid