Two nights ago my husband's television show You Can Do Better premiered. WHAT. Here is my brief understanding of how this came to be.

When we were young and naive and very very dumb we opened a cafe together. He wrote the wine menu in prose ("This wine is like bumping into your ex-girlfriend, who is blonde, on the sidewalk and realizing that you still love her.") and it caught the attention of Eli Horowitz, editor at McSweeney's at the time, who was doing a reading at said cafe, who asked him to write about wine in general for their website

He wrote about wine, talked about wine on a podcast that I can't find online, and started hating wine.

But people really liked his writing about wine, and soon he had a column at NY Magazine's food blog, Grub St., in which we wrote about drinking culture. A couple other magazines asked for contributions. Someone noticed all this and asked him if he had any book ideas. He did.

He wrote a funny and very smart book called Drinking, A Manual. It was excruciatingly reduced to a gift book called You Suck at Drinking. It came out the spring of 2015. Someone else noticed that and introduced him to a television production company called Red Tail Media in LA. They filmed a sizzle reel, a 5 minute example of what a show might look and sound like hosted by Matthew. It was kind of a You Suck at Everything (not just drinking) comedy advice show. A year went by. Red Tail shopped it around to television networks. Two wanted it. TruTV made a better offer and was a better fit.

In the spring of 2016 all of a sudden Matthew and Red Tail had to make a pilot. They developed the idea, brought on comedian Abbi Crutchfield to cohost, and sold 13 episodes. Matthew moved to LA in late May and has been filming pretty much nonstop since. He hasn't been home all summer so I travel between Oakland and LA A LOT. Sometimes I drive, mostly I fly. 

So, yeah, it premiered on August 23rd. He is still filming and in the thick of it so stopping and enjoying and taking stock of what it all means is not really possible for him right now. I tend to be a very delayed-in-my-understanding-of-things-that-happen-to-me kind of person, so I'm sure I will have deep thoughts in a year or so, but right now I'm kind of speechless. I say, "This is weird!" a lot. 

Our friend Jamie Berger interviewed Matthew about his possible impending D-level fame for his podcast 15 Minutes and I highly recommend it if you are interested in hearing about the process more deeply. Even though I'm married to him I came away with a better understanding of all this after listening. 

This is weird you guys!