Somewhere in Flamingo Heights, the Mojave Desert, CA

Matthew: "Would you ever want to build a house in the desert?"

Me: "I would never want to build a house anywhere. Period."

Matthew: "Why? You love houses."

Me: "Too many decisions to make. I'd be paralyzed. I don't like a blank slate, I like working with pre-existing conditions and other people's decisions."

Matthew: "Oh, okay."

Me: "NO WAIT! Forget what I literally just said to you. We are gonna build a house in the desert and it will be an exact copy of my grandparent's house in southern Spain. That way I don't have to make any decisions and you get to live in the desert! Everyone will be so happy."


Me: "Mom, I'm gonna draw Jefe and Jefa's house from memory since the last time I saw it I was 17 and then have you check it. I want to build it. Not really. Really. But not really really."

Mom: "Oh cool! Here's a photo!"

Me: "Oh, everything about my interior preferences makes sense now."

AuthorSarah Reid