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Hi, I’m Sarah.

For more than six years in the Bay Area, I worked with families on projects ranging from total renovations to purging every closet they have. When I moved to LA, I realized I was tired of working on my own and wanted to do something different. It didn’t take long for me to totally get hooked on styling and staging. So now I work as a secret weapon helping other stylists and stagers get their work done—beautifully.

Whether it’s a home, a movie set, a photo shoot, or some other situation where things need to look pretty, I come in and make things easier for you and better for your clients.

And though we may only work together for a few hours, it might be good for you to know that lot of people have told me that the design work I do has changed their lives for the better. They like having friends and family over again. They feel more at ease in their home. They feel proud. Someone told me once that when they look at pictures of my work, they feel like they can breathe. That’s pretty much the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

I love helping good people make good spaces even better.


Do you live in LA and need help styling your home?

I love making living spaces more beautiful and functional so the people who spend time there are happier. I listen closely, get to know you and your house really well, and then I get to work. I don’t buy stuff for you. Or sell stuff to you. I style what you already own and love. Like moving stuff around on your shelves and surfaces. Figuring out a better arrangement with the furniture you already have. Switching things up (maybe this rug should be in here instead?). Giving random suggestions (this room wants to be peacock blue, this corner needs a floor lamp, this painting is too big for this wall). Purging (because, like, why design or organize before you purge?). Home editing. Art hanging, And lots of other good design mischief-making kinds of things. It feels good and it’s fun.